Top 10 Mental Health Wearables and Gadgets


In today’s world, concepts like wellness and well-being have become ingrained in our daily vocabulary. This cultural shift toward prioritising our mental health has given rise to a burgeoning landscape of mental health and wellness startups, along with a plethora of products and services tailored to meet our evolving wellness needs.

Delve into the expanding mental health and wellness market and discover the array of innovative gadgets and devices now available to support our pursuit of improved health.

Why Is Mental Health Declining?

We’re all well-acquainted with terms like wellness tech and well-being, but why the sudden emphasis on caring for our mental health and well-being?

It’s challenging to gauge whether mental health is deteriorating more now than in the past. Just a decade ago, this topic didn’t receive the attention or recognition it does today. Indeed, perhaps mental health issues have always been as such.

Nevertheless, in our digital era, there seems to have been noticeable surges in mental health challenges, largely attributed to our dependence on mobile phones.

The rise in social media usage and smartphone dependence has intensified mental health issues. The National Institutes of Health suggests that excessive social media consumption causes disrupted sleep patterns and increased levels of depression and anxiety.

Furthermore, the pandemic exacerbated existing mental health concerns as people were stuck in confinement with limited access to healthcare systems. Moreover, the global health infrastructure has been strained in a post-pandemic world, prompting individuals to seek alternative solutions for addressing their health needs.

Finally, in an era where technology drives advanced and accessible innovations, it’s natural that the health and wellness sector has adopted new technological advancements, also known as wellness tech. After all, this offers the chance to explore personalised, user-friendly, and often less daunting solutions to mental health issues.

But what exactly can one find in the way of wellness tech resources?

What Resources Are There To Help With Mental Health?

In the past, advice for addressing mental health challenges was often limited. Doctors might have prescribed medication or recommended spending more time outdoors and exercising and, while this is worthy advice, today’s information, products and services on the subject are far more abundant.

The mental health and wellness market has expanded exponentially, witnessing a surge in funding and the emergence of new startups dedicated to aiding individuals in achieving their personal wellness objectives.

In this evolution, technology has played a central role, with people increasingly turning to innovative wearable gadgets, putting them at the forefront of this wellness revolution.

Let’s take a look at some of the best mental health wearables and gadgets on the market…


Top 10 Mental Health Wearables and Gadgets


1. Baracoda BMind




The Baracoda BMIND is the world’s first AI-powered smart mirror tailored towards mental wellness. This smart mirror can act as an accessible health companion to users, identifying their moods and subsequently helping them to manage their stress.

Upon identifying the onlookers’ mood, the BMind mirror can provide personalised recommendations based on their mental state using gesture recognition, voice command and intent detection.


2. Muse Headband


Muse™ EEG-Powered Meditation & Sleep Headband


This multi-sense EEG headband can act as a personal meditation coach. With built-in sensors, this headband can measure its users’ biosignals to read brain activity. Ever find that you struggle to focus on a task and find your mind wandering? Upon wearing the Muse headband, gentle audio feedback will be played whenever you loose focus, helping to teach you to master your mind and learn how to control your focus.


3. Oura Ring


Oura Ring


If you’d prefer something a little more subtle than a headband, try the Oura ring. After all, your ginger provides the most accurate reading for over 20 biometrics, including your heart rate, body temperature and blood oxygen.

Built of titanium, the Oura ring is a durable, lightweight and water-resistant wearable device that can provide in-depth analysis of your sleep, physical activity and heart health with easy-to-read scores to help you identify areas of improvement for your physical and mental health and well-being.


4. Bellabeat Ivy Health Tracker

Bellabeat Ivy Health Tracker

Designed with women’s health in mind, the Ivy tracker can be worn around the wrist to track menstrual cycles, lifetime habits, and biometric readings such as heart rate, cardiac coherence, respiratory rate, activity, and sleep.

By giving users a comprehensive and accurate readers of their state of body and mind, users can identify self-care gaps and the tracker can suggest improvements.


5. Apollo Wearable

Apollo Wearable

The Apollo wearable delivers soothing vibrations to its users, with higher vibrations used to help improve their levels of energy and focus and lower vibrations used to reduce stress, help you relax and fall asleep.

With 40% of users stating the feel less stress and anxiety, 11% experiencing an increased heart rate and 25% experiencing better focus and concentration, the Apollo watch offers a simple solution to personal health and wellness improvement.



6. Mendi Headband - Better focus, better performance.


Mendi offers a headband that allows users to see their mental and brain health improve in real time. The headband offers neurofeedback to users with non-intrusive sensors. Simply put it on and Mendi will begin to measure oxygenated blood flow in response to neural activity in your prefrontal cortex.

This can make brain training a more tangible affair, as users can actually see their neural activity, helping them to measure their progress, compare results over time, and track improvements with the Mendi Score.


7. Garmin Smartwatch


Garmin Smartwatch 


Garmin has gained significant popularity for their smartwatch and other wearable devices and for good reason. These smartwatches offer an effective way for users to track their physical fitness – a primary building block for improving mental health and wellbeing.

WIth a range of smartwatches to choose from, users can explore this diverse array of gadgets to find the device that resonates with their wellness goals.


8. Loftie Clock


Loftie Clock


Do you use your mobile phone first thing in the morning and last thing at night to set your alarm? Does this lead to lengthy scrolling sessions? Break this habit by investing in a Loftie clock.

Engineered by sleep scientists, the Loftie clock plays a gentle alarm and provides a dimmable display to allow users a good night’s sleep. As better sleep is the key to improved mental health, the Loftie clock can be an easy investment to aid your wellness goals.


9. Happy Ears Earplugs


Happy Ears | The next generation earplug by Happy Ears » FAQ — Kickstarter


Highly rated as the best earplugs on the market to aid restful sleep, the Happy Ears Earplugs are a reusable solution for better sleep and, as a result, improved mental health.

These offer a discreet and comfortable solution to the average earplug. The inner ear canal has a unique oval shape and short soft stem to help its users achieve far better sleep in bed or on the go.


10. Apple Watch


Apple Watch 


Similarly to the Garmin watch, the Apple watch can help users track their fitness, sleep patterns and daily activity, subsequently helping to identify areas of improvement for their mental health.

New features such as State Of Mind allow users to keep a record of their daily moods and emotions, offering insight into what is contributing to their state of mind. Assessments is another new feature, also allowing users to gain insight into their levels of depression and anxiety.

Finally, the watch’s Mindfulness app encourages users to set aside a few minutes daily to focus and connect with themselves as they breathe.



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