Women’s health category encompasses all macro trends


It isn’t a macro trend but a significant component of the health and wellness space, the active nutrition consultant explained in his opening speech to delegates in Gstaad, Switzerland.

The category brings together key trends, and the category is in fact “a co-creation of several different macro trends” that are underpinned by important markets, he argued. 

However, he noted that shopping for women’s health supplements is complicated as they are merchandised as a separate category, meaning the consumer has to actively seek out specific supplements marked for women.

Evolving markets​ 

As companies venture into the space, the initial foray often involves comprehensive multi-vitamins catering to women’s energy, sleep, skin, bone health and hormonal balance, Morgan explained. 

However, the landscape is rapidly evolving. With growing acceptance, manufacturers are now responding to consumer confidence and knowledge, offering targeted solutions tailored to women at various stages of life. From beauty-from-within to cognitive health, the market is diversifying.

For instance, Germany-based Bears with Benefits targets a younger female demographic with a range of supplements, while UK brand MPowder focuses on powdered supplements specifically designed to support peri-menopausal women, addressing mood and gut health with an extensive product line.

Other  brands include the U.S.-founded Boobie, which provides support for breastfeeding mothers through multiple supplement formats, and Clara, a research-focused brand from the UK offering multivitamin capsules for women at different life stages.


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