The best health gadgets to keep you fit in 2024


Technology is changing the way we view our health. New innovations allow us to track and improve our wellbeing, both mentally and physically. Gadgets are being created with a range of incredible functions, helping with anything from exercise recovery to getting good quality sleep.

There’s a lot out there we love, but we’ve narrowed it down to the following picks.

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MINIMI Bluetooth Smart Body Scale

This high-tech piece of kit is much more than just a weighing scale. It’s able to display 14 key metrics, including less common measurements such as hydration, visceral fat, bone mass, metabolic age and more. It’s able to provide an overall “Body Score” as an overview of your statistics.

It synchronises with an app to give a breakdown of the composition, complete with data reports and graphs. The scale looks beyond weight as the main metric for determining health. It helps measure what you eat, how much you need to drink and how exercise is affecting your body. It’s a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and accomplish any lifestyle goals you may have.

Activ5 Portable Strength Training Device and Coaching App

The Activ5 app aims to provide full body training and workouts wherever you are. It works through isometric exercise, using a mobile app synced with a pad that has to be pushed against and held for a period of time. These muscle contractions are guided through visuals from the app, which canmeasure strength, precision and reaction performance.

Activ5 claim that through their system, they can increase strength by 30% over a 6-week period of 15-minute daily workouts. The exercises have a low injury risk and can be completed from anywhere, standing or sitting. It’s a convenient way to fit exercise into your day, particularly useful if you have a job that requires sitting at a desk for the majority of the day.

Theragun Mini – Handheld Electric Massage Gun

This portable massage gun is small but mighty. Percussive therapy devices claim to help soothe aching muscles, useful for anyone from athletes to office workers. Often, massage guns can be bulky and take up a lot of space, which is why the Theragun Mini is a great option for anyone looking for something more portable.

It features a battery with a lifespan of 150 minutes for extended sessions, which is impressive for a gun of its size. There are three speed options for different intensities and a motor that applies up to 9kg of force. It’s also fitted with Active Torque Control, used to maintain continual speed and depth. Theragun claim this gun is extremely quiet, allowing you to relax and enjoy the massage without disturbance.

Dodow Sleep Aid Device

This device is built to help anyone struggling with sleep. It projects a soft blue light on your ceiling, which expands and contracts. The idea is that you breath in and out in time with the light, which helps to retrain and calm your breath. This helps to create the feeling of slow fatigue that sends you to sleep.

There are two settings to choose from, either 8 or 20 minutes. At the end of the exercise, it turns itself off. The light gradually moves you from 11 to 6 breaths per minute, slowing down your breathing, which Dodow claim leaves you in the ideal condition to fall asleep.

Fitbit Sense 2 Smart Watch

This smartwatch from Fitbit is designed to help you identify and manage stress, sleep and overall health. It provides tracking and reminders throughout the day, offering a helping hand to check in and see how you’re feeling.

It gives you methods for boosting mindfulness with guided breathing, workout guidance and feedback on heart health. There’s also detailed data on how you sleep and where you can improve, gathered with detailed night-time tracking to create a sleep profile. Fitbit also include built-in GPS, 6 hours of battery life and six months of Fitbit Premium Membership.

Dyson Purify Hot Cool Auto React Air Purifier

This purifier features three sensors to continually monitor your air quality. It senses air pollutants and filters them, projecting purified air throughout the room. It can capture dust, viruses and allergens, reporting the data with live results which are displayed on the device’s LCD screen. There’s also a night mode with a quiet purifying setting and dimmed display, so it won’t disturb you if you’re a light sleeper.

A great feature is its ability to control temperature: it can use an air flow to heat or cool rooms, and it can also purify air without cooling you down. While heating your whole home can be expensive, this can control the temperature of a single room. You simply set the temperature and the purifier meets it, then maintains it.

Ordo Sonic and Electric Toothbrush

It’s becoming common knowledge that an electric toothbrush is essential for ensuring your teeth are as healthy as possible. This toothbrush uses Ordo’s Sonic Pulse Technology, which aims to agitate the fluid surrounding the teeth, cleaning deeper than normal bristles by reaching beyond the surface and cleaning the gaps between the teeth.

Ordo claim this method has been clinically proven to improve oral health by removing more plaque than a manual toothbrush. It features 4 different brushing modes, so you’re able to get a brushing experience that suits you. There’s also a handy 2-minute timer, helping you know when to switch angles when brushing.

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