The 10 Best Health and Fitness Devices of CES 2024


At CES 2024, digital health devices moved beyond the wrist. From mental-health-focused smart mirrors to app-adjustable mattresses, our top 10 picks show that the wellness tech market is rife with innovation. And it’s not necessarily the biggest players in the space who are driving it forward, as most of our favorite health and fitness tech at CES come from relatively unknown brands.

In no particular order, these are our 10 favorite health and fitness devices from CES this year.

Withings BeamO

The BeamO

(Credit: Withings)

The Withings BeamO makes your thermometer look lazy. A “multiscope” device for at-home health checkups, the BeamO packs an ECG to assess your heart rhythm, an oximeter to measure blood oxygen saturation, a stethoscope to listen to your lungs, and, yes, a thermometer too. Thanks to its multitude of sensors, it promises to detect atrial fibrillation, heart murmurs, wheezing, and more. The device itself looks like a compact remote control, but you can put the thermometer to your forehead, then flip the gadget and place the stethoscope against your chest before using the electrodes to take heart rate and blood oxygenation readings. All of this data can be readily shared with your doctor, and the stethoscope even records audio files. You can be sure that we plan to test the accuracy of this conceptually cool gadget when it launches this June for $249.95.

Baracoda BMind

The BMind Mirror

(Credit: Baracoda)

Look into this mirror to discover a reflection of your mind. While Withings is one-upping your thermometer, Baracoda is introducing a smart bathroom mirror that delivers mental health and wellness advice. The Baracoda BMind uses generative AI and natural language processing to understand your daily mood and stress levels. You can use the mirror as a touch screen to browse its CareOS interface and start automatically generated light therapy sessions or mindfulness exercises. Who knew your morning routine could include mirror therapy? Baracoda hasn’t announced a price or release date for the BMind.

NuraLogix Anura MagicMirror

The BMind focuses on mental health while another smart mirror from the traditionally software-focused NuraLogix uses contactless optical imagery and remote photoplethysmography to gauge both mental well-being and physical metrics such as blood pressure, BMI, facial skin age, heart rate variability, and more. The Anura MagicMirror will be aimed at businesses like gyms and nursing homes rather than your personal bathroom countertop. That likely means it will have a lofty price tag, but Nuralogix hasn’t announced a specific figure or release date.

Laifen Wave Electric Toothbrush

Wave Electric Toothbrush

(Credit: Laifen)

We’ve seen smart toothbrushes at CES before, and the Laifen Wave Electric Toothbrush doesn’t offer a crazy new shape or app-based gimmick. Instead, start-up Laifen promises a “3x increase in brushing efficiency” compared with the competition thanks to its servo motor system that allows the toothbrush to vibrate 66,000 times per minute while simultaneously oscillating 60 degrees to thoroughly clean the length of your teeth. If that sounds a bit like taking a belt sander to your mouth, Laifen promises that its Gum Care brush head protects your tissue using 0.02mm ultra-fine tapered bristles. It will also offer Super-Clean and Ultra-Whitening brush heads and you can fine-tune the oscillation range and speed as well as vibration strength in the app. The Laifen Wave Electric Toothbrush will be available to purchase on March 5 from the company’s site and Amazon, with prices varying based on the finish of the handle: $69 for plastic, $79 for aluminum alloy, or $99 for stainless steel.

Garmin Lily 2

Garmin Lily 2

(Credit: Garmin)

The original Garmin Lily is one of our favorite fitness trackers, so we were excited to see its sequel announced at CES. At first glance, the Lily 2 looks quite similar to its predecessor, but the new model replaces some of the previous model’s plastic with metal, adds a few new color options, and expands the battery life. Garmin has raised the price by $50 on both the Sport and Classic versions to $249.99 and $279.99 respectively. Otherwise, this looks to be the same stylish and capable Lily, complete with a robust array of health sensors and smart features. If the new styles suit you, the Lily 2 is available now.

Zoe Care Zoe Fall

Zoe Care

(Credit: Zoe Fall)

The safety-focused Zoe Fall is like a medical alert system that monitors your well-being from the wall. You simply plug it into a standard wall outlet and the app-connected device uses deep-learning algorithms to determine when someone nearby has fallen based on the disturbances in the surrounding Wi-Fi waves. If you take a tumble, it can send an alert to a caregiver through the app. A single Zoe Fall plug can purportedly monitor up to 800 square feet, and the simple plug-and-play design is aimed at allowing senior citizens to live independently with peace of mind and without needing cameras or wearable gadgets that might violate their privacy or fashion sense. Zoe Care has not yet announced a price or release date for the Zoe Fall.

Elo Smart Gummies

Smart Gummies

(Credit: Elo)

If you’re having trouble eating healthy, try these 3D-printed vitamin gummies. Backed by rock climbing legend Tommy Caldwell, the Elo Smart Gummies promise to deliver the nutrition of seven ordinary health pills in just one yummy gummy. The Smart Gummies can be personalized with eight different flavors and 389 million possible combinations of nutrients. They’re available on Elo’s site now. To select your layers and find out a price, you need to take an online assessment.

Recommended by Our Editors

Anssil Smart String i4 Smart Mattress

ANSSil Smart String i4 Smart Mattress

(Credit: stringmattress Instagram)

Watch out, Sleep Number. Korean start-up Anssil showed off a customizable mattress made of strings at CES. Yes, you read that right. The Smart String i4 doesn’t use air, foam, or springs for support, but 14 million polyester threads. The material supposedly allows it to maintain its shape for longer than traditional mattress materials, and adapt across a wide range of firmness settings. You can pick from 10 adjustable cushion levels in a companion app, and see data collected by the built-in pressure sensor and scale. Thanks to those sensors, the app will show you detailed sleep and health information and can sync with your smart scale or wearable. Anssil hasn’t announced pricing or a release date for the Smart String i4.

Ultrahuman Home

Home Health Monitor

(Credit: Ultrahuman)

It might look like a modem, but the Ultrahuman Home is actually a health-tracking device for your environment. Built-in sensors measure air quality, humidity, light, and noise levels. Its software processes sensor data locally and tracks it over time. A companion app highlights any red flags or changes in your environment that might cause different health issues such as rising stress levels or decreased sleep. The $349 device is slated to go on sale via Kickstarter this month.

Invoxia Minitailz Smart Pet Tracker

Smart Pet Tracker

(Credit: Minitailz)

The Invoxia Minitailz Smart Pet Tracker is a digital health device for your fuzziest family members. It attaches to any cat or dog collar and tracks their heart vitals, respiration, scratching, and more to uncover potential health issues. According to Invoxia, the device is even capable of detecting canine and feline atrial fibrillation (AFib), a serious heart condition. It also tracks your fur baby’s daily activities (including barking, eating/eating, resting, running, scratching, and walking) and location. If you want to closely monitor your pet’s health, the dog version is already available on the company’s website and the cat version is expected to arrive in March. Both cost $99.

The Best Digital Health Devices You Can Get Now

Digital health illustration

(Credit: Ian Moore)

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