I visited a futuristic biohacking centre in London


Walking in to the lobby of Remedi London, I couldn’t believe I had almost strolled straight past the front door.

Situated in a quiet corner of London, on the street level of an exclusive residential development in Battersea, the clinic was a long way from the usual parts of the Captial I live, work, and socialise in.

But, tempted by the premise of visiting what’s been described as one of London’s most futuristic wellness spaces, a clinic which values the holistic, medical and scientific routes to physical and mental wellness equally – I ventured out of my comfort zone – and seemingly, into the future.

Entering, I was immediately taken aback by the vast, white space, the only pop of colour coming from a modern green velvet sofa in the middle of the waiting area. Surprisingly, the space didn’t feel clinical or cold, it felt inviting, calm, and safe.

As I tried to pad across the shiny white floor without making any noise, I noticed the decor; a huge sculpture hung from the double height ceiling, a spiral staircase in one corner was like something from a Bond villain’s lair, and a giant, faceless, humanoid sculpture holding an hourglass emerged from the far wall, which reflects the clinic’s ethos of ‘time’. It’s a theme which also features in their logo, and reflects their overall mission to turn back the effects of time via internal, external and emotional treatments and therapies. The name Remedi also stands for RecreateMeDifferently.

remedi london biohacking wellness centre

Remedi London

The hourglass sculpture up close 

remedi london biohacking wellness centre

Remedi London

The reception area is minimal and modern

So far, so sci-fi. Remedi was already living up to its reputation – and I hadn’t even had a chance to see any of its treatment rooms, yet.

Meeting Dr. Nima, the co-founder of the clinic, and a fountain of knowledge about alternative health practises, I discovered he is a passionate biohacker, and enjoys near daily sessions in Remedi’s cryochamber.

To enter the chamber, which I can only compare to a brutally cold fridge with LED lights and a sound-system (you can choose your own music to listen to, I opted for Jump by Van Halen, I’m not sure why, but it made sense at the time), you need to wear gloves, an ear protector and thick booties to protect against the biting cold, which can sink to -85C. Each treatment lasts for three minutes, but the results – an endorphin rush, increased focus, a lymphatic drainage boost, a clear mind – can last for hours or even days afterwards.

I was so proud of myself after completing three minutes in the biting cold, and for several, blissful, weeks afterwards, my longterm, painful joint issues didn’t bother me. I am a cryo-convert.

remedi london biohacking wellness centre

Remedi London

The Emerald Laser is used for fat loss treatments

Remedi has an osteopath, lymphatic drainage expert, and yoga teachers on its roster, and a team of medically trained practitioners also offer aesthetic treatments and medical facials, but it’s the clinic’s other ‘biohacking’ programmes, including a celeb-favourite infrared sauna, which really sparked my interest.

The Emerald Laser is an FDA-approved machine which uses green laser to effectively reset fat cells. Trials found that it removed, on average, 6 inches of fat circumferentially in the waist area over 10 sessions. Unlike more familiar ‘fat freezing’ techniques. there’s no downtime with Emerald Laser, nor any bruising or pain. And, after treatment, the fat won’t come back.

remedi london biohacking wellness centre

Remedi London

The Rebalance Impulse is a guided meditation using sounds and colours

For me personally, the most amazing treatment offered at Remedi is the ‘Rebalance Impulse’. It’s a huge pod – picture a cross between an egg chair and a sun lounger with a lid – which uses the framework of applied neurosciences, and non-invasive colour and light patterns to fight stress, and in turn, reduce the risk of related heath conditions.

Each treatment, which plays out as a guided meditation, lasts for 30 minutes, but, like with the cryochamber, the benefits can be felt for much longer, and made even more potent with regular treatments.

For more information visit Remedi London

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