GE HealthCare Unveils Head-Only MRI Scanner for Advanced Neuroscience Research

GE HealthCare Unveils Head-Only MRI Scanner for Advanced Neuroscience Research

What You Should Know: 

– GE HealthCare announced the unveiling of SIGNA MAGNUS, a revolutionary head-only magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner. 

– This FDA 510(k) pending technology holds immense promise for unlocking new frontiers in neuroscience research, a field previously limited by the capabilities of conventional whole-body MRI systems.

New Hope for Neurological Disorders

Neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease, affect a staggering 43% of the global population [ii]. However, current MRI technology can only diagnose a fraction of these conditions. SIGNA MAGNUS represents a significant leap forward, offering researchers a powerful tool to investigate the complexities of the brain in unprecedented detail.

Designed for Neuroscientific Breakthroughs

GE HealthCare designed SIGNA MAGNUS specifically for neurological and oncological research. This state-of-the-art scanner boasts the following features:

  • Superior Gradient Performance: HyperG gradient technology with 300 mT/m and 750 T/m/s enables the detection of finer details previously invisible to MRI.
  • Advanced Techniques: Pushes the boundaries of anatomical, diffusion, and functional imaging techniques, further enhanced by GE HealthCare’s latest deep learning algorithms.
  • Unveiling New Biomarkers: Offers vast potential for uncovering new parameters and biomarkers to advance diagnosis and treatment of complex brain diseases.
  • Exceptional Diffusion Performance: Innovative asymmetric gradient design allows for high B-value diffusion with short echo times, providing a deeper understanding of neural architecture.
  • Cost-Effective Upgrade Path: Many existing GE HealthCare 3.0T systems can be upgraded to SIGNA MAGNUS, minimizing capital expenditure for research institutions.

Collaboration for Innovation

In March 2024, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a leading research institution, became the first to install the investigational SIGNA MAGNUS system. This collaboration between GE HealthCare and Brigham’s research team will be instrumental in spearheading cutting-edge neuro MRI research.

“With SIGNA MAGNUS, we are not just exploring the possibility of providing the tool; we are setting new benchmarks in medical research and future clinical patient care.” said Kelly Londy, CEO, MR GE HealthCare. “This innovation underscores our commitment to R&D and our collaborations with academia, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in MR imaging. The potential impact of SIGNA MAGNUS on patient outcomes and our understanding of the human brain is profound.”


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