GE HealthCare, Biofourmis collab on at-home patient monitoring


GE HealthCare BiofourmisGE HealthCare

(Nasdaq: GEHC)

announced today that it entered into a collaboration with Biofourmis to enable safe, effective, accessible care in the home.

The two companies paired up to support the patient journey beyond the hospital setting. Their collaboration leverages combined expertise in innovative care-at-home solutions. They say hospital systems face increased costs of care due to workforce shortages, shrinking bed capacity and increasing readmission rates. At-home care can support recovery and safety while potentially reducing fall risks and hospital-acquired infections.

GE HealthCare and BioFourmis want to enable more patients to go home earlier. They hope to offer an alternative to facility-based care , driving healthy behaviors by managing patients remotely. According to a news release, insights from Biofourmis’ FDA-cleared, AI-guided algorithms can help deliver that personalized care.

“Biofourmis’ demonstrated success with care-at-home solutions will extend GE HealthCare’s current inpatient monitoring portfolio to support patient care from the hospital to home,” said GE HealthCare GM of Cardiology Solutions & Remote Patient Monitoring, Ashutosh Banerjee. “Combining our companies’ demonstrated capabilities will help revolutionize the way we approach the patient care journey as well as help address current challenges faced by health systems including hospital capacity issues and clinical staffing shortages.”

More about the partnership between GE HealthCare and Biofourmis

Biofourmis’ at-home solutions help deliver and enable care both virtually and in person through a digital platform. Its AI-guided algorithms, clinical-grade wearable devices, in-home services orchestration technology and nursing services enable this.

The company’s solutions provide dynamic care pathways with questionnaire-branching logic, providing enhanced clinical context.

GE HealthCare offers its FlexAcuity monitoring solutions with its virtual care solutions like the Mural ICU, Command Center and Digital CMU. These offerings adapt to rapidly changing patient needs in the hospital. By offering Biofourmis’ at-home solutions, GE HealthCare believes it can extend the care continuum beyond the hospital.

Ross Armstrong, General Manager of Biofourmis Care, said: “Our collaboration will enable health systems and hospitals to leverage the power of technology and data in order to shape patient-focused solutions across the care continuum, no matter where the site of care is.”

GE HealthCare will begin distributing Biofourmis solutions to customers in the U.S. starting in the first quarter of 2024.


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