GE HealthCare And MediView Announce First Installation And Clinical Use Of Augmented Reality Suite

GE HealthCare and MediView XR Inc. have announced the successful first installation and clinical cases using the OmnifyXR Interventional Suite at North Star Vascular and Interventional in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 
OmnifyXR is an augmented reality-based interventional radiology suite that combines a holographic heads-up display streaming live medical imaging, 3D anatomy model visualization, and advanced imaging technologies.  
OmnifyXR is designed to fit into existing interventional suites and leverages augmented reality to support workflow efficiency and ergonomics, improved visualization, and collaborative care.
Professor of Radiology and founder of North Star Vascular and Interventional Dr. Jafar Golzarian performed the first two separate clinical procedures using OmnifyXR.
“The heads-up display and augmented reality capabilities of OmnifyXR, especially the 3D anatomical view offered by the hologram scan, are game-changing and allow for new perspectives into treatment we haven’t seen before,” said Dr. Jafar Golzarian of North Star Vascular and Interventional. “I’m excited to be on the team performing these first cases and look forward to seeing how this may help improve clinical and operational outcomes for both patients and clinicians.”
The heads-up display (HUD) headset holographically displays multiple imaging video streams in a customizable way to create opportunities for improved ergonomics regardless of working position. Clinicians can display up to four video streams; customize the size, angle, and orientation to meet workflow needs; and use voice commands for hands-free interaction with the application.
The system also uses augmented visualization to help asses patient anatomies to support intraprocedural planning.
For remote collaboration, consultation, training, proctoring, and support, users can provide a first-person view of their holographic experience through internet-connected devices for collaborative care from any location.
“OmnifyXR will change the way I approach my cases,” shared Dr. Amin Astani of North Star Vascular and Interventional. “With GE HealthCare’s Allia platform, I can create a highly detailed 3D-generated model in a matter of minutes without having to remove my sterile gloves to help maintain sterility during the procedure. Using MediView’s OmnifyXR, I can virtually place this 3D model anywhere in the room – allowing me to walk around it and evaluate it from different angles and perspectives in order to make more informed decisions about the way I approach and navigate my procedures.”
OmnifyXR is currently available in the US with plans for a global expansion. 


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