GE HealthCare and Daktari Africa collaborate to enhance cardiovascular care in Kenya


GE HealthCare, a global leader in healthcare technology, and Daktari Africa, a pioneering telemedicine platform, have signed a collaboration agreement to improve access to cardiac care for patients in remote and outreach areas of Kenya.

Source: GEHealthCare.

Source: GEHealthCare.

As part of this collaboration, a pilot project has been launched using GE HealthCare’s Muse NX software.

At the project launch event, a cardiologist used Muse NX to review electrocardiogram (ECG) data from a remotely located patient, demonstrating how the solution can integrate and manage the flow of information to support timely diagnosis, even when the patient is located far from the examining physician.

The Muse NX software is designed to help doctors access cardiac testing results, helping to enable faster and more accurate diagnoses. The pilot project will take place in Kiambu county, the second most populous county in the country.

The partnership agreement will support Kenya’s National Strategic Plan for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases by helping clinicians better diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease, which is today the leading cause of noncommunicable disease mortality in the country.

Building on 50 years of ECG innovation, the Muse (TM) NX Cardiology Information System elevates connectivity and privacy to complement the high clinical standards our customers have long valued.

Muse NX allows for easy integration, enhanced security protection and fast update deployment, ultimately aiding fast and accurate diagnoses. With the support of GE HealthCare, Daktari Africa will work with the Kiambu county government to implement the Muse NX system in health centres in the county.

Revolutionising cardiac care

Charles Kamotho, founder and chief executive officer, Daktari Africa said, “This collaboration seeks to revolutionise cardiac care in Kenya by bringing advanced diagnostic capabilities to remote areas.

“Through tele-ECG screenings, we can facilitate early detection of critical conditions, reduce hospitalisations, and improve patient outcomes. We are pleased to be working with GE HealthCare to make a positive impact on healthcare delivery in our country.”

Moussa Gholmieh general manager for patient care solutions, emerging markets, GE HealthCare, said: “For the first time in East Africa, GE HealthCare is partnering with a telemedicine platform to bring advanced cardiac care to remote areas.

“This partnership with Daktari Africa is a significant milestone in our mission to bridge the healthcare gap and improve access to healthcare services. By leveraging the latest technological advances, we aim to make a significant impact on healthcare delivery in Kenya.

“By providing physicians with access to patient ECG information, the Muse NX solution will support informed decision making and high-quality care for a disease that is placing an increasing burden on the nation’s health system.

“By combining clinical expertise, telemedicine specialisation, and advanced healthcare technologies, we can help save time in the diagnosis and treatment process, increase staff productivity, and enhance patient care quality.”

The GE HealthCare team will provide training to Daktari Africa and its partners after the installation of the Muse NX system. This training will ensure that healthcare professionals are equipped with the necessary skills to maximise the platform’s impact.


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