AI Power Meets Efficiency in Women’s Health –

GE HealthCare Launches AI-Enhanced Voluson Signature 20 & 18 Ultrasound Systems: AI Power Meets Efficiency in Women's Health

What You Should Know: 

– GE HealthCare (Nasdaq: GEHC) has introduced the Voluson Signature 20 and 18 ultrasound systems, designed to revolutionize women’s healthcare with a powerful combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), advanced tools, and an ergonomic design. 

– These latest additions to the Voluson family empower clinicians to accelerate exams while delivering exceptional image clarity for diagnosing and treating various women’s health conditions.

Empowering Clinicians in a Time of Growing Demand

This innovative duo addresses the critical challenges faced by today’s healthcare landscape:

  • Increasing patient volumes: More women are seeking care, often for complex conditions.
  • Workforce shortages: With 42% of clinicians considering leaving the field (according to GE HealthCare’s Reimagining Better Health study), staffing shortages put additional strain on existing resources.

The Voluson Signature systems address these challenges by providing clinicians with the tools they need to deliver faster, more confident diagnoses.

AI Efficiency: Streamlining Workflows and Saving Time

The Voluson Signature 20 and 18 are equipped with a suite of AI-powered features designed to enhance efficiency:

  • “Hey Voluson” voice control: Clinicians can operate the system hands-free with simple voice commands, reducing keystrokes and saving valuable time.
  • SonoLyst: AI-powered fetal anatomy analysis:* This feature automatically identifies, annotates, and measures fetal anatomy, potentially reducing exam times by up to 40% for standard second-trimester scans.
  • SonoPelvicFloor: This AI tool streamlines pelvic floor assessments by automating plane alignment and measurements, leading to a potential 76% reduction in keystrokes.
  • Fibroid Mapping: Utilizing AI, this feature simplifies and standardizes fibroid documentation by mapping, measuring, and classifying fibroids.
  • fetalHS: AI-driven guidance simplifies and speeds up fetal heart assessments by up to 48%, ensuring accurate identification of normal fetal heart anatomy.

Enhanced Flexibility with Wireless Technology

The Voluson Signature systems integrate seamlessly with the Vscan Air CL wireless dual probe, offering a cable-free solution for greater freedom of movement during examinations.

“Next-level image clarity can help clinicians detect fetal abnormalities and hard-to-spot gynecological emergencies or conditions like endometriosis earlier, which can make a big difference in a patient’s treatment plan and overall health,” said Gerald Seifriedsberger, general manager, Women’s Health Ultrasound, GE HealthCare. “With proven time-saving AI-driven applications, and advanced automation features that simplify exams, we’re providing technology that can help enhance ease of use and provide clearer images – helping clinicians power through demanding workflows faster while delivering greater consistency and accuracy, ultimately helping deliver better health outcomes for women.”


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